The Gallery
The place is a gallery in the heart of Soho (New York). It hosts different exhibitions, arts, and fashion events that involve the community of artists in the city. The theme of the gallery is the flow: indeed, the museum is a brand to bring the flow in people's life through fashion, art, and exhibitions. The space hosts different exhibits and events of various famous contemporary artists.
Brief and client
Vision of the client is linked with the flow. This topic revolves around purpose, joy and love at the internal level and physical space, art and technology as pillars for the brand. The mission is to help people find their flow in their life and at work.
Logo and Visual Identity

1.0 Black Background Logo Design

2.0 White background Logo Design

Website prototype
1.0 MAXDI, Homepage and digital contents
1.1 Exhibit page, shop page
1.2 Events page

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