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What is Tu*tto​​​​​​​
How to create a daily delivery app used by older people? Tu*tto is a daily delivery app made to solve the need to find every kind of product in the area of your neighborhood.  Today platforms like Amazon are eating 99% of the market and it's not easy to promote local shops next to you. The challenge is to create a service that aligns this gap and which could connect people (especially older ones) to local shops next to their neighborhood. 

The objective
The task consisted in create the service and realize the prototype of the application made to order products and goods.

The process
The process involved different phases of design, starting to understand the problem to prototype the application. The phases:
1// Understand the need
2//  Personas 
3//  Branding
4// Wireframing
5// User Interface Design 
6// Prototype​​​​​​​

Tu*tto visual identity
Information Architecture 
The application's usability was optimized to add more features and maintain accessibility.  It's made by 4 main sections: home, profile, options, shop, search.

1.0 Homepage, the user finds an archive of notes and records, through the first bottom can reach the main features of the application: voice, voice ìe to text, record and photo.

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