The challenge
#Palermoèlamiacasa is a photography urban project made by a collection of photos around the city. The goal of the project is to make evidence a city problem with the power of art and creativity. The photos want to communicate the value of trash from a different perspective.
                                          Goals and results
Collaboration with the city of Palermo and start the procedure to regenerate the area.
Network with citizens around the neighborhood.
Active participation in the clean process of the area.
The project was born with the desire to make evidence of one of the biggest problems of the city of Palermo, the trash. Caused of an unfunctional system, the streets of different areas of Palermo (Italy) are full of plastic sacks and different trash elements, such as chairs or blankets. The idea was to treat it in different ways to change positively his impact to the people and transmit different values to the behaviors of the citizens.

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