1.0 Pheel Homepage

Pheel, visualize your emotions
Through 3d modeling, User testing, and Wireframing Pheel is born. The project is a futuristic device that possibly transmits signals and understands more about human feelings. Have you ever imagined visualizing and recognizing your emotions just by wearing a device? With its possible to do it, without any kind of singularity.
The project is made to visualize emotions. In 2075 it will be possible to hear music from all over the humans. Pheel is able to translate and make them recognizable.
Strategy and Tools
Double Diamond Method
The project consisted of different phases following the Double Diamonds design methods. This method is able to go around case studies and analyze the feature of all the different competitors in order to generate the ideas of different  The different phases has been the following steps.
Human-Centered Design, focus:
1. Brainstorming 
2. World Generation
3. Concept Generation
4. User Personas
5. User Journey
6. Prototype 

1.0 Pheel, Homepage

1.1 Pheel, Emotions webpage

1.2 Pheel, Menù

1.3 Pheel, Creators web page

1.4 Pheel Product Page, web flow

1.5 Pheel Product Page, web flow

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