Example of advertising product with the identity of the Event.
The purpose of the Alliance for the circularity of paper/cardboard packaging in Portugal is to analyze and highlight the benefit of paper packaging and related issues and to support companies, policy makers and civil society in defining "circular solutions" and models of circular businesses for a tangible impact on the Circular Economy debate in Portugal. 

The objective
The Alliance represents the commitment between the different entities in the paper/cardboard packaging value chain, associations, universities, government entities and NGOs in Portugal, which present an ambitious common vision and objective.s.Vision: Promote the circularity of paper/cardboard packaging in Portugal.Goal: Achieve a 90% recycling rate for paper/cardboard packaging by 2030. 

The process
The process involved different phases of design, starting to understand the problem to prototype the application. The phases:
1// Benchmarking
2// Logo Sketching
3// Generating Visual Identity
4// Proposals

Aliança brand identity

Cardboard mockup printed, Alianca do packaging de papel

Flag advertising, Alianca do packaging de papel

Logo Design 

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