The landing page is made to attracrs users
Landing page, Global Shapers Palermo Hub
Global Shapers​​​​​​​
Global Shapers Palermo Hub is a network of young people. The initiative was made by the World Economic Forum and it is an incubator for start-ups and projects made in Palermo. The hub is made from three different sectors, sustainability, digitalization, and city dialogue.
Creative Process
The creative process took into consideration different tools and phases to reach the goal: starting from the analysis of the competitors, I provided a mood board with the style from Global Shapers, after we proceeded to draft the wireframe for each sector and finally we obtained the website. 

The process

1// Moodboard
2// Brand Styleguide
3// Sitemap
4// Benchmarking
5// Prototype 
6// Website
7// Social media Campaign

The website

Homepage, Global Shapers Palermo Hub

Footer and Homepage, Global Shapers Palermo Hub

Page of the team, Global Shapers Palermo Hub

The website is made to represent the hub and all its features. The colors want to communicate a solid and happy image linked with youth and the future to attract young people from the fields of university and schools. The use of different colors and font helps to give the idea of a lively context, full of experimentation and always in movement.
Web-app Mobile

Landing Page Scroll and registration form in the page of the contact the Global Shapers Hub

Member page, partner page, Contact form Global Shapers Palermo Hub

Social media
The hub is provided by a system of different graphics and fonts used for all the different types of digital communication. The graphic in particular was used to generate posts for social media to generate the campaign of recruiting and the other hub's projects.
Next steps
The impact of the campaigns gave credibility to the associations and provided more users to follow the page. Through the impact of design, we reached +50% of sharing and +20% of new members in the association which contribute every day to its growth. 

The website moreover has been made considering the possibility to update it and constantly write some news. The next steps will consist in update the website with strategy, and talking about the projects and the activities of the association.

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